In June 2001 we installed photo-voltaic panels on the roofdeck of our school building. This was subsidized by Bewag (the then public electricity supply company of Berlin, now Vattenfall) and the senate of Berlin.
The public electricity network is supplied with our solar electric energy via an inverter which processes DC to AC.
All the measured data of the solar panels have been computer-recorded since May 13, 2002. The saved data of the solar panels are stored in a MySQL data bank. The data bank is placed on both our school and an internet server. Since May 2003, all the data have been available world wide in real time.
The measured data in graphic and tabular forms are provided via PHP. There are overall views of the measured data referring to days, months and years.
All the programmes concerning the automatic data transfer and the representation of the measured data have been written by us. In order to be able to survey the relation between the solar energy and weather parameters, we installed test probes. They provide us with the data about the temperatures of the air and of the solar modules, about the relative atmospheric humidity and the air pressure.
Via a data-logger which receives the exact time via an electronic time sonde (DCF 77), the measured data have been logged in the data bank of our solar computer and simultaneously in the data bank of the internet server since February 24, 2006.

We intend to measure the speed and the direction of the wind.
Furthermore we plan an environmental station.

Programme manager:
Frank Auerswald

Project manager:
Dr. Wolfgang Frisch

Homepage manager:
Ralf Nitzsche

Up to date:
June 21, 2007